Who We Are

We will make your company visible in Slovakia. Europe. Worldwide.

We are SAM agency. We create collaboration between sportsmen and companies, tennis players from TOP 100 ATP and WTA. Therefore it is an effective method to make your company more visible worldwide.

Your company logo can be placed on a jersey, what draws the attention of wide audience on tournaments,  as well as  people watching live streams on TV, or looking on photos and prints.

We help to develop sporting talents, that many times do not reach their potential exactly because of financial reasons. At the same time we help business to be a part of the game.  

Years of experience
ATP & ITF tournaments organized


For sportsmen

  • Sport management, proffesional care of sportsmen
  • Planning of trainings, tournaments, regeneration, etc.
  • Sport consulting
  • Collaboration with various clubs and academies in Europe

For businesses

  • We organize corporate sport events, proffessional tennis tournaments
  • We promote companies and We support sport via tennis players ( logo placement , campaigns, endorsements)


  • We design and execute  media campaigns

Grand Slam statistics

Who can see you

Australian Open

  • 2 weeks
  • 720,000+ spectators
  • 400+ journalists
  • 900 million viewers

Roland Garros

  • 2 weeks
  • 430,000 spectators
  • 1,300 journalists
  • 62 million European viewers


  • 2 weeks
  • 500,000 spectators
  • 1 bilion viewers in 200 territories

US Open

  • 2 weeks
  • 690,000+ spectators

Our Clients

With whom we collaborate


Martin Kližan (SVK)

Career High Singles 24

Jeremy Chardy (FRA)

Career High Singles 25
silueta muz

Lukáš Rosol (CZE)

Career High Singles 26

Karol Beck (SVK)

Career High Singles 36
silueta muz

Melinda Czink (HUN)

Career High Singles 37

Lukáš Lacko (SVK)

Career High Singles 44

Ruben R.-Hidalgo (ESP)

Career High Singles 50

Michal Przysiezny (POL)

Career High Singles 57

Ivan Navarro (ESP)

Career High Singles 67

Jan Hájek (CZE)

Career High Singles 71

Laura Pous-Tio (ESP)

Career High Singles 72

Julian Reiser (GER)

Career High Singles 83

Anastasia Pivovarova (RUS)

Career High Singles 93

Zuzana Kučová (SVK)

Career High Singles 101

Anda Perianu (ROU)

Career High Singles 120

Dominika Nociarová (CZE)

Career High Singles 202

Michaela Pochabová (SVK)

Career High Singles 236

Samuel Puškár (SVK)

Career High Singles 346 junior


Lucie Hradecká (CZE)

Career High Doub. 

Michal Mertiňák (SVK)

Career High Doub. 12

František Čermák (CZE)

Career High Doub. 14

Filip Polášek (SVK)

Career High Doub. 20

Renata Voráčová (CZE)

Career High Doub. 29 

Michaela Paštíková (CZE)

Career High Doub. 35

Akgul Amanmuradova (UZB)

Career High Doub. 36

Eva Hrdinová (CZE)

Career High Doub. 55

Lenka Tvarôšková (SVK)

Career High Doub. 127

Ana Timotic (SRB)

Career High Singles 199

Katarina Kachlíková (SVK)

Career High Doub. 162

Lenka Juríková (CZE)

Career High Doub. 196

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